Monday, December 22, 2014

Custom SSO redirect page for WSO management console

When we enable Single-Sign-On Across Different WSO2 Products[1] we get a default SAML SSO redirect page which displays text "Loading WSO2 StratosLive..."

Currently we cannot customize this code directly.

Therefore, I have written a new osgi component registering a filter which redirects URL requests for the default "redirect_ajaxprocessor.jsp" to a custom jsp. With this approach I was able to change the SSO redirect "Loading WSO2 StratosLive..." to "Redirecting to SSO Login..." using this custom jsp. I have tested this with IS 5.0.0 and DSS 3.2.2.
Hence, you can do desired customizations to this SSO redirect page using a custom ('/org.wso2.carbon.sso.redirector.custom.ui/src/main/resources/web/stratos-auth-custom/redirect_ajaxprocessor.jsp') by implementing a custom component. 

You can checkout sample code (valid for wso2 products in carbon 4.2.0) of the above mentioned component from git repo.

  • Checkout the code from
  • Do any custom changes u need to see in t redirect page in /org.wso2.carbon.sso.redirector.custom.ui/src/main/resources/web/stratos-auth-custom/redirect_ajaxprocessor.jsp
  • After building '/org.wso2.carbon.sso.redirector.custom.ui' component, copy the .jar into CARBON_HOME/repository/components/dropins.
  • Restart the server.

You have to do this for every WSO2 product in the cluster.

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