Thursday, January 5, 2017

Configure Email Server in WSO2IS-5.3.0

         Email notification mechanism in WSO2IS-5.3.0 Identity Management components, is now handled with new notification component. Accordingly, email server configurations also changed as follows. Other than configurations in axis2.xml,

  • Open [IS_HOME]/repository/conf/output-event-adapters.xml
  • In this file give correct property values for the email server that you need to configure for this service in adapterConfig type="email"
    <adapterConfig type="email">
        <!-- Comment mail.smtp.user and mail.smtp.password properties to support connecting SMTP servers which use trust
        based authentication rather username/password authentication -->
        <property key="mail.smtp.from"></property>
        <property key="mail.smtp.user"></property>
        <property key="mail.smtp.password">xxxx</property>
        <property key=""></property>
        <property key="mail.smtp.port">587</property>
        <property key="mail.smtp.starttls.enable">true</property>
        <property key="mail.smtp.auth">true</property>
        <!-- Thread Pool Related Properties -->
        <property key="minThread">8</property>
        <property key="maxThread">100</property>
        <property key="keepAliveTimeInMillis">20000</property>
        <property key="jobQueueSize">10000</property>
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